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Death: The Great Leveler
Published By phenoMenon on 2010-02-17 156 Views

If there is anything that can be considered for a fact and truly inevitable, then to my mind, that one thing is death. I recently experience an untimely death among my close and dear ones and that has made me realize this fact even more. This natural phenomenon is something of a mystery if you look at it. At one moment the body is alive and kicking and the very next moment it just goes still and lifeless. What happened to the life in that body? It brings about the question, Are we the ‘Body’ or is there something else that represents us. Some say it is the ‘Soul’. So what happens to this soul as it leaves this body? Where does it manifest itself next? Does it wait in some time- warp till its time to enter a new body, a new form or is it at that very instant that it leaves one body and enters a new one? Interesting thought, isn’t? The other part of this inevitable is about how it acts as a great leveler. We as humans, over time have managed to create a hierarchical system based on money, power and some places caste and religion. Our life’s are so accustomed to these classifications, that we take for granted that the powerful can achieve anything they want, the rich can buy anything they want And to an extent it does whole good in the material world that we live in. but when it comes to going onto the other side, none of this factors hold any real value. For death is truly secular, it behaves in exactly the same way for a many who has made millions or the man who has left behind absolutely nothing. It behaves in the same way for a king as it does for a pauper. When it comes all that is left is a body lying still and in peace with itself. It does not matter then how violent a person or criminal a mind you would have been just moments before the final moment came about. This is why death to me is a great leveler. It just brings to the surface that nature created us humans on an equal scale and no matter how we try to manipulate this equality in life, in death nature will always make sure that you are what you were. ‘From Dust To Dust’, as they say. Have you ever had fights with your dear and close ones? There are so many who carry an ego with them and probably don’t talk to their parents, kids or the loved ones. They carry on this hurt with them for years. Then suddenly one day, they hear that the person whom he had avoided for so long passed away and that is when it dawns on him and forgiveness takes the place of ego. By then it is too late and all that can be done is repent over the lost time when life had so much to offer. The point I am trying to bring about with this not so pleasant subject is to learn to forgive and forget, for we all are here on temporary basis and let’s make the most of this borrowed time to the fullest. Treat other humans and other living beings as well on a equal scale because as nature has already deviced its law for us. The more we conform to the laws of nature more we can be in sync with it in this life and probably the after life. If you want to follow the ‘Rat Race’ , then visit my blog on http://ratraceblog.blogspot.com
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